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Sexy Strong Life®

is a philosophy and movement

to educate everyone that symptoms are not the problem. They are the result of the problem. They are common but not normal, and they require attention. Anxiety, hormone imbalances, sugar dysregulation, moodiness, weight gain, weight loss, depression, indigestion, constipation, irritable bowl, autoimmune, acne, ulcers, fibrous breasts, anger, allergies, aches and pains, rashes...these are all just clues to easy, direct, holistic protocols that you can use to heal each function and return the body back to its best, vital health.   

 Once we have identified the “why” and the "where", the real healing can begin.  It is one thing to be sexy and strong on the outside; it is another to be sexy and strong on the inside.

 Sheri Levy, FDN-P, CNC, PLN, FLN

Sheri Levy, FDN-P, CNC, PLN, FLN

hello, I'm Sheri Levy

I practice Functional Diagnostic Nutrition(TM), which is a holistic approach to identifying a person’s “health-blocks” and then supporting the body’s innate healing ability to repair and rebuild.  I purposely have sought out practitioner certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist with specialized certifications in Genetic Nutrition, Nutritional Psychology, Perinatal Nutrition, Pregnancy Lifestyle and Nutrition, Breastfeeding and Nutrition and Family Nutrition and Cooking to increase my ability to identify the origin, and the compound challenges that have created the body’s current state of dysfunction. I pride myself in using proprietary, analytic techniques to see the “original healthy-person” underneath their symptoms. From there, I teach my client to "test, don't guess" and how to follow their body's needs back to health. I have personally overcome breast cancer using these techniques and believe most disease can be halted before it begins.  I have learned that it is one thing to be sexy and strong on the outside, but undeniably more important to be sexy and strong on the inside. We should all be striving to practice pro-active health to heal -before- our body demands our attention.

Schedule an extended meeting with me, and allow me to help you identify what is blocking you from your best health.

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12-WK Custom Health Coaching

 Do You Own Your Body's Owner's Manual?:

Wherever you are in the age of life it is time to think about how you want to feel and function for the rest of your life. The one thing, as a mother, that I wanted to know was, "Am I healthy"? That was the big question that I found out tragically an annual "standard" physical was unable to answer for me. We are so much more than what short-sighted cholesterol, triglycerides and mammograms reports can tell us. We should all know how our bodies function, how to take care of them and how to stop disease before it begins. We should know what healthy feels like and looks like on the inside and not just the outside. Symptoms are common but they are not normal. Our bodies are brilliantly designed to work in a perfect state of function and ease.

Through Functional Diagnostic Medicine, genetic guidance and intelligent nutrition you'll learn the difference between perceived health and actual health. We'll work together to teach you how your body works; how to recognize when to adjust lifestyle and or nutrition to repair and we'll build a custom schedule of health-maintenance for you to implement so you don't get symptoms! You'll learn how to read labs, understand the right labs to take, seek the root causes of any current malfunction(s) and gain practical protocols using intelligent nutrition (not guessing) along with practical tools to rebuild your vital strength and best function. That is what I wanted for myself, and I'm dedicating the rest of my life to ensuring others have it.

This  coaching block is the best insurance policy and gift you will give your future self.

Length of time based on client's individual needs, however, body healing cycles work in 12 week/90 Day increments.



SPEAKING engagements:

My passion is to educate women, teens and couples on how to identify personal health blocks and then use easy, direct, holistic protocols to heal and repair.

Sample Speaking Topics: 

  • The Body's Owner's Manual, A Healthy Life Roadmap: The Cancer Detour

  • Removing Anxiety and Depression Without Medication. (Inquire about one-on-one coaching)

  • Reversing A Child’s Temper Tantrum with Nutrition

  • 9 Principles of Healing to Live

  • Before Your Children Go To College, Introduce them to Their Bodies

  • What's Life Got To Do With It?: Epigenetics, Lifestyle, Environment

  • Intelligent Nutrition, What Does That Mean?

  • How Not To Mess Up Your Child's Health and Future

  • Genetic Diets, Do They Stop The Guessing?

  • Inquire about custom Sexy Strong Life classes and workshops for your next event.


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This is a couple's class that digs deep into the parents' foundation from understanding their individual genetic strength at birth to the lifestyle and environment choices that have shaped them today. It is designed to increase the health and vitality of the soon to conceive parents to encourage the health and vitality of their future children. (Let me help you now so I don't see your kids later!) 

Inquire about Pregnancy Lifestyle and Nutrition as well as Genetic Nutrition for children 2+




"it is more important to Stop Disease Before it starts

than to medicate disease when it happens."

- Sheri levy






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"Our body is designed to function in a perfect state of ease. 

Getting ahead of future illness is where medicine should begin".