“If you are human living in todays cancer-filled world, you don’t have to be a statistic because you have hormones. We have smarter, pro-active tests that can guide preventative repair. We need to teach each other.” - Sheri Levy

I do not believe that our hormones are creating cancer. If that was the case, every teenager would have cancer - heaven forbid. I believe rather, that we live in a toxic world of endocrine (sex hormone) disrupters; if we let these disruptors continuously infiltrate our bodies, we will have an abundance of unwanted and dangerous hormone production.

We have smarter tests that can actually identify which detoxification pathways our hormones are traveling. A simple urine test can tell you years ahead if estrogen is traveling safely out of the body or down a pathway that can lead to disease or proliferation of cancer cells. If you don’t like the pathway, there are easy protocols to help you correct it.

“While my tumor was taking ten years to grow to a size that it could be seen in our modern-day imaging technology, I could have seen immediately that I had an estrogen detoxification problem and actively began fixing it. We need to teach each other to be smarter” - Sheri Levy.


Being emotionally fragile, angry or depressed; having irregular, heavy or light periods, painful breasts, losing your hair and/or experiencing hot flashes — are all signs of hormonal imbalances that can be triggered by nutritional deficiencies, poor gut health, diet and environmental toxins. Addressing these areas can help you to stop guessing and begin healing.


When the body is in chronic stress from fighting food intolerances, allergies, pathogens in the gut, injuries and/or emotional stress it can exhaust its supply of hormones that help maintain our energy and help our body to act quickly when faced with danger. If extreme fatigue, cold hands and feet, and/or racing energy is your concern, testing your adrenals with your steroidal sex hormones is an efficient way to balance both at the same time. xo