A former Entertainment Marketing and Partnership Executive, Sheri left the industry when she could no longer, in good conscious, partner processed, junk-food brands with kids’ entertainment.  “1 out of every 2 children are struggling with chronic illnesses and my children were not the exception. It became painfully obvious that my career choice was hypocritical to my holistic beliefs”.

In 2011, Sheri took her family organic, founding Journey to Organic® to log the passage.  Journey to Organic® provides classes, recipes, and individual cooking sessions to moms and families wishing to navigate their own nutritional, healing path.

 In 2015, despite 7 years of annual mammograms, Sheri was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Breast Cancer, double positive, triple aggressive. In the first months of her diagnosis, she was able to use her knowledge to identify her cancer’s pathology and the breakdown in her body that allowed it to ignite 10 years before it was detected by "modern" technology. Armed with the understanding of therapeutic pathways, she began healing the “why” of her cancer, system by system, organ by organ.

Along her healing journey, she learned the most important pieces of information: “You are not a statistic. Doctors do not know what they do not know. The body undeniably knows how to heal itself. We just need to help it and get out of its way”.


In November of 2017, two days before Thanksgiving, a sensitive, BioCept® blood test that looks at 1 in 1 million cells out of 32.2 trillion proclaimed Sheri to have "NO detectable metastatic breast cancer tumor cells". Fortified with the healing progress she was making with her own cancer, Sheri became a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner (FDN-P) to both expand her holistic knowledge of healing, as well as gain access to essential lab tests that everyone should take annually. She has dedicated her focus on genetic nutrition and the microbiome. Sheri is a full board certified Holistic Health Practitioner (CHHP) and is equally certified from Stanford School of Medicine in Family Nutrition and Cooking (“CFNC”), the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich in Perinatal/Pregnancy Lifestyle Nutrition and Breastfeeding Nutrition (“CPLN”),  Nutritional Psychology ("CN-Psyche") from JFK University, and is a FDN Thyroid Expert and Well Guard certified. In 2018, Sheri was awarded “Outstanding FDN Practitioner” by her peers and is an active member of both the Association Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners (AFDNP) and American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

The founder of SexyStrongLife, Sheri Levy meets with clients across the U.S., in-person or virtually. She is also a renowned speaker on “How to Heal Gracefully”, “Living a SexyStrongLife” and “Nutritional Psychology-When Depression is in Your Gut and Not Your Brain”. Sheri is happily married with two children and grateful to regain her SexyStrongLife. 

I practice Functional Diagnostic Nutrition with an emphasis on nutrigenomics and the microbiome. I am about uncovering the “y” in the “why” of your symptoms and then using intelligent testing, cellular nutrition and holistic protocols to get you back to life with those you love.