What’s in your body’s basket?

I think we try. I really do. Most of us believe we are eating a healthy diet and getting all of the vitamins and minerals our body needs but yet, our muscles are cramping, we’re not sleeping, our brains are foggy, confused, we’re anxious, depressed, fatigued... Often, these symptoms are signals that our body’s nutrient basket is insufficiently filled.

Hard Workers

Magnesium is said to perform 300+ functions everyday. Zinc has approximately 200 jobs to complete and cholesterol has many fantastic jobs including, making our hormones. The body needs what it needs. It will recycle nutrients until, it just can’t. Unless we are scrutinizing every essential and non-essential nutrient we consume, it makes sense that we can easily lose sight of what we need. It is even possible to exercise to nutrient exhaustion, with muscles on the outside but nothing running on the inside.


Genetically, if you are unable to convert plant-based foods like flax or walnuts into EPA and DHA for the brain, you could be unknowingly digging a hole to mental confusion by choosing a Vegan or Vegetarian diet. The longer you choose the wrong diet for your body’s genetic function the deeper the deficiency you unknowingly create. The body may also be genetically predisposed to having lower methylation of various B vitamins, which may also lead to symptoms and nutrient insufficiency.


Where you live in the world also plays a role in nutrient levels. It can simply be hard to source local, fresh, organic food. Most produce is picked before ripened, travels thousands of miles and/or sits on a shelf for years. The longer our food waits to be eaten the less nourishment it provides.


Comes with a full 8-page, 36 nutrient exploration. This test eliminates the guessing of many vitamin, minerals, essential fatty acids and/or amino acids needs. It shows you how much of the nutrient you have, if you’re running low, or critically depleted. If depleted, the amount you need to replenish is suggested. You will learn what each nutrient’s function is in the body, and which foods contain larger amounts of the nutrients you need so you have a choice to supplement or use food to rebuild.

A full nutritional evaluation is a test every child, teenager, college student, adult and senior should be taking annually, and one any athlete should consider to help improve performance.

Knowing how much to supplement helps you to stop guessing what you need, save money and avoid over supplementing, which is just as harmful as under supplementing.

Fixing nutrient insufficiencies without guessing is how we help our clients to be strong. xo